HIOD IT Services Melbourne’s cloud based VoIP phone system solution is hosted securely in our Cloud as part of our
Cloud Computing Services and removes the need for you to manage and operate PBX hardware systems on your premise.
In addition, the design conjointly eliminates the requirement for separate ISDN and SIP trunks,
as PSTN line options are bundled into the monthly subscription.
Our solution is built on Asterisk, the world’s number 1 platform, and provides enterprise grade features,
such as reception consoles, voice and video soft clients, instant messaging and presence, all at one low predictable monthly spend.
To compliment your implementation, we are able to conjointly deliver centre solutions, motorcar attendants,
decision recording Associate in Nursing additional for an integrated expertise.

VoIP Phone Systems



  • 3 Phone Numbers
  • 3 Extensions
  • 3 Concurrent Calls
  • Call Transfer: Included
  • Voicemail: Included
  • Ring Groups: Included
  • Interactive Voice Response: Included


  • 5 Phone Numbers
  • 5 Extensions
  • 5 Concurrent calls
  • Call Transfer: Included
  • Voicemail: Included
  • Ring Groups: Included
  • Interactive Voice Response: Included
  • Call Queues: Included
  • Time Switch: Included


  • 10 Phone Numbers
  • 10 Extensions
  • 10 Concurrent calls
  • Call Transfer: Included
  • Voicemail: Included
  • Ring Groups: Included
  • Interactive Voice Response: Included
  • Call Queues: Included
  • Time Switch: Included
  • Follow Me: Included
  • Call Parking: Included
  • Plus so much more

Cost-Effective, Hassle Free and Easy to Manage

Searching for a new telephone system for your business? On the off chance that you are needing a spic and span telephone system for your business HIOD IT offer focused and reasonable choices for your business needs.

Regardless of whether your business has a landline based telephone system or a telephone system from another supplier, HIOD IT can migrate your telephone system effectively and stress free. Read more about our VoIP telephone system inclusions and features below.


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Number Routing

Allow your business to route any number in your phone system to any extension, ring group, auto attendant and so much more. With easy management and administration access to the cloud PBX from anywhere in the world you will always be in control of your business phone numbers, DID’s, extensions and more. Your business is only one click away from full automation of your phone system.

Extension Management

Extension dialing has been around for quite a while. In the event that you’ve worked in an office whenever, you have presumably utilized it in any event on more than one occasion. In any case, while expansion dialing isn’t new, VoIP innovation unquestionably is. Similarly as with numerous other telephone highlights, VoIP has changed the guidelines of extension dialing. What was a unimportant comfort before has currently turned into an efficient and productivity upgrading highlight for the whole office. Deal with your expansions from one pane of glass all by means of the cloud, anywhere on the planet.

Ring Groups

Managing groups of peoples, teams and departments has always been an issue for traditional phone systems, not any more. Now with HIOD IT’s VoIP Phone System manage all your people, teams and departments ring groups in one place with easy to use drag and drop features. Management of Ring Groups could not be easier. Direct DID’s or external numbers to certain extensions and a group of extensions with just a few clients.


Call centre managers and administrators rejoice, easy management of Queuing is here! HIOD IT’s VoIP phone system allows you to manage your queuing requirements, configurations and setups all in one place. Easily add extensions, manage queues and manage what the queues do with smart queuing technology built in. Adaptiable, smrat, easy to use and functional.

Interactive Voice Response

As technology advances every year it helps businesses become more effective and efficient in their workday. Unfortunately, this means that viruses and malware are also becoming smarter. Today’s security threats are extremely advanced and will easily penetrate your network unless you are constantly up to date with the latest Anti Virus software. Here at HIOD, we will always make sure that your antivirus is always the greatest in enterprise-grade protection.

Time Switching

Your business efficiency is only as good as your network strength. If your network was to crash and ‘go down’, your business would crash and go down with it. Your E-commerce site, your phone systems, your accounting records, your emails and company file access. These are all in danger of not working if your network goes down. Let HIOD monitor your network to ensure that your network is not in danger of stopping your business.

Call Recording

Any good business professional will know that time is money. The more time you can create for yourself, the more opportunity there is to focus on the truly important things. HIOD IT will focus on streamlining your business through automated tasks. These are the small tasks that will improve the lifespan of your computers, and get rid of any unnecessary tasks that are dragging down your work and your business.

Advanced Reporting

The standard of any good Managed IT Services company is the time that it takes them to respond to a problem within your IT network. HIOD IT has invested in some of the best state of the art technology that allows us no be notified and even the smallest of problems, is your computer running slow? Did an update not install correctly? HIOD IT will get an instant notification about it and ticket will automatically launch.

Cloud Management

HIOD IT believes that companies should not be punished with endless amounts of call out fees. So here at HIOD IT, we have invested in the best remote technology via our Cloud Computing Services. Meaning that your company is not paying for needless call out fees. Plus, this means that your problems are going to be solved even quicker. 86% of all calls are solved on the spot. This is just another way that HIOD IT can save you time and money.

Interactive Dashboard

HIOD IT believes that the key to a good Managed Services company is accountability. That is why every month we will send you detailed reports of just exactly how your network is going. SLA breaches, ticket summaries, up-time / down-time reports, network status and health reports. We want to make sure that you are well informed about the strength of your business and the strength of our IT Support Services.

13, 1300 & 1800 Numbers

Having a backup of your data is essential in today’s technology-driven business practices. However, it is one thing to have the backup in place, it is another thing to keep up constant monitoring of this backup. If backups start to fail, or data is added that is not within the breadth of the backups reach, your system will be at risk. You need to have someone monitoring this success or failure of each daily backup. HIOD IT will include this tedious task in all of our Managed IT Services packages so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Dedicated VoIP Support

HIOD IT’s team of friendly technicians will be more than happy to help your business with any VoIP phone system related issues. HIOD IT’s team of experts are willing and ready to take any questions you may have. HIOD IT will meet up with your business and technical needs with our VoIP phone system.



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