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    Here at HIOD IT, we are eager to help you with all of the questions you might have. To get started, have a look at what other people are asking.

    HIOD IT is a third-party IT provider ready to take on your company’s IT problems so that you can focus on the important things. Your problems are our passion.

    We work with absolute professionalism working in line with the internationally recognised ITL framework. We believe relationship is the key to all good business and so we like to do things face to face and over a free meal/coffee.

    For all AD-HOC work we work with the following rates:

    Remote Work: $100 p/h
    On-Site Work: $125 p/h
    After Hours Work: $225


    We try to help out NFP’s as much as we can. Basically, when it comes to NFP we work around your budget and see how much we can pack in for a small amount. We also have NFP pricing on some cloud computing services like Office 365 and Google Apps

    The future of the IT industry is the cloud. This is great because it means that companies will no longer need to invest lots of money into essential pieces of technology. The cloud is cheaper, more effective, and available from everywhere.

    Our opening hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. However, if you sign up for a Managed Services Package and you need us to extend our hours we are willing to do so.


    Call us up and let us take you out.

    Nope. We used to do websites, but have decided that it was not a market that we want to be involved in.

    If your computer is running slow then it is always more cost-effective to upgrade it. A slow computer can cost you several hours of waiting around a week. It is not expensive to help your computer run faster. Ask us about some of the solutions that we can offer.

    We are passionate about helping people out. We also love meeting new people. We are always open to meeting new people and giving them general advice or direction with their IT infrastructure.