About HIOD IT.

Here at HIOD IT, we specialise in working abreast with our clients in providing IT solutions, which helps you solve your business concerns. Our services and solutions stack includes managed services, IT support, virtualization, network monitoring, cloud services, hardware & software, VoIP Telecommunications and network security

HIOD IT was established in 2011, with great staff who have over 25 years of industry experience, the business was started with one goal in mind, to start a quality IT business to meet the demands of the IT market in the Melbourne area.

We conceived this company to be more than a place of work. The goal we’ve had from the beginning is to create an environment where we break the slightly negative stereotype of an IT company. We pride ourselves on being able to provide a first class level of customer service. For us, the people come before the profit.

The decision to take the leap into the market was made after months of research of which we concluded the following:

1. The IT market is overpriced
2. IT providers are supplying poor services
3. Unacceptable downtimes are widely accepted
4. There is a general lack of communication

HIOD IT aims to bring balance to the unreasonable IT market.

One of the biggest illusions in the IT industry is that small businesses do not need to worry about IT. We encourage SMB owners to call us for a FREE CONSULTATION about how IT can radically improve your small-med business.

Managed IT Services (MIT) is a subscription program that hires a third party to manage your entire IT infrastructure. HIOD IT’s MIT package gives you unlimited support for a small month to month price. Basically, you get a large IT department at a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose HIOD IT

HIOD IT a family owned, Australian operated, small business focusing on providing quality IT Services to Australian and New Zealand based businesses. HIOD IT believes in supporting local businesses and communities by employing local Australian staff and keeping Australians employed.

We believe by only employing Australian staff and not outsourcing overseas gives HIOD IT a competitive advantage in the IT Services industry.

Help HIOD IT keeps jobs in Australia and employ local Australian by partnering your IT requirements with HIOD IT.


Our customers know that we strive to be the best in the industry. We are proud of the way that our clients talk about our customer service. We know that it is because our service is built on three core values


We will always strive to Service your business the best we can.


HIOD IT will take clients out for coffee as often as they want


The Quality of our products and services will always be of the best value


80% of all technical problems get solved within 5 mins.


Communication is the key, Customer Support will always be frequent and face-to-face.


Our SLA breech rate is currently at 0.5%.


Statistics show that business owners are unquestionably turning towards MSP providers to take over their IT requirements. A recent survey conducted by Hurwitz & Associates showed that 70 percent of Managed Services clients used said services as a way to free internal staffers to work on strategic initiatives. 92% of those staff said they were achieving better service levels.

It just goes to show that Business owners and their employees are too valuable to have their time wasted thinking about IT. Had those worries over to HIOD IT so that you can focus on growing your business to new heights.

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