Microsoft 365 Management

Formerly called Office 365, this suite of office productivity apps includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher, all running in the cloud. With online storage and cloud connectivity features included as part of each subscription package, Microsoft 365 facilitates collaboration between employees and delivers seamless updates and security fixes as soon as they become available.

If your company would like to migrate to the cloud with Microsoft 365 for business, we can make the process simple and hassle-free. We provide professional Microsoft 365 management services to SMEs across Melbourne and it would be our pleasure to help you make the move from Office 2019, or a previous version, to the cloud-based Office suite with its numerous additional features.

Choosing the right Microsoft 365 subscription for your business

As part of our Microsoft 365/Office 365 management and support services, we can help you to choose the most suitable subscription package for your business. Just contact us to arrange an initial consultation and we can get started right away. After we’ve carefully evaluated your needs, we’ll recommend a package that is just right for your organisation.

Ongoing technical support whenever you need it

Moving your business from a conventional Office suite to Microsoft 365 will involve a number of changes to the way your employees interact with the software they use on a daily basis but these changes needn’t be difficult or disruptive. When handled properly, a migration to Microsoft 365 should lead to significant improvements in productivity and we’ll be supporting you the whole time to make sure you enjoy all the benefits it has to offer. Our team of Microsoft 365 management experts will oversee the migration process for you, address any teething problems you may encounter and provide technical support to your employees as and when needed.

Start your move to Microsoft 365 today

The first step to a hassle-free migration begins with getting in touch with us to let us know what your needs are and where you are located. We specialise in IT support services for companies in Melbourne and the surrounding area so you know you’ll be in safe hands with HIOD IT. Our cloud computing support services also cover SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Google Apps for Business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and custom cloud backup solutions, so if you want to take advantage of everything that cloud-based computing has to offer your business, we can help you to do that with ease.