Case Study – VoIP Phone System Solution

Client in the Religious Services Industry

Problem Statement

Based in Melbourne, our IT support services professionals specialise in ​managed IT services and other ​IT services in Melbourne​, including VoIP phone systems. Our client is a religious organisation that came to us with the problem of its decade-long old telephone system that had an outdated infrastructure. The IT infrastructure had a Gigabit Ethernet and the client wasn’t able to fully utilise it for an effective telephony system. Also, the existing solution wasn’t very cost-effective for our religious institution client.

Challenges For Small Business VoIP

Since they had been using the old PBX system, it was a challenge to replace it with an efficient VOIP system with minimal downtime. Also, the people working at our religious organisation client were used to the old system. Therefore, providing user education and getting them familiarised with the new handsets was another challenge.

HIOD IT’s Solution for VoIP Phone systems

Business VoIP services have been in trend for a long time now. Our IT support professionals were successful in overcoming the challenges by setting up a VoIP Telephone solution for them hoisted by HIOD IT. Along with setting up, we ported all their existing numbers to HIOD IT seamlessly without any disruption. We configured a backed-up system to meet their customer’s requirements and Setup pre-configured handsets for individual users. Having experts in both IT software procurement and IT hardware services it was an easy task for us. Lastly, we provided users with training regarding phone functionalities as it was a sudden change of phone system for them.

The outcome was fruitful as we successfully replaced their old telephone system with a high-performance VoIP system using gigabit ethernet. They were given an easy and user-friendly management console to manage and monitor the voice solution. All this resulted in an overall reduction of cost making them a happy client.

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