The 2 major Questions Small Businesses Should Ask When Hiring A Provider of IT Services in Melbourne

Based on the premise which small-sized & medium-sized businesses often lack specific criteria to go by while seeking to employ a provider of IT services in Melbourne for their everyday IT needs, the following is a handy ‘cheat sheet’ that addresses 2 major questions businesses should definitely ask a potential IT service provider when seeking IT services:

  1. What specific hardware & software products, packages, and offerings do you provide or resell that will make our business more productive and effective?

Once the potential provider of IT services in Melbourne tells you about the specific products they offer, do your own research and find out the differences between major communication companies and the suitability of their products for particular business sizes. Some communication product providers have initially intended their products towards large-scale businesses and might only now have begun to break into the realm of providing products which meet the needs of both small and medium business. Each product, whether it is a VoIP phone system or a data backup hardware, has clearly stated restrictions for the number of users and business size. You will be in the know ahead of time, before employing a provider of IT services in Melbourne, if you do your homework on the products they want to resell to you.

  1. Out of the services, hardware, andsoftware,you will be providing, will any of them lower our TCO or Total Cost of Ownership in the short term or long term? If yes how?

For instance, installation of a novel VoIP phone system might certainly produce a high initial cost. However, the novel Internet-protocol phone system is going to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long- distance calling fees and the between-site calling fees whose initial cost might be well worth the long-term savings.