Case Study – Data Centre Refresh

Client in the Retail Footwear Industry

About Our Client

Our client is a leader in the Australian retail footwear industry that is well-known for its high-quality and comfortable premium leather footwear.

Being our client’s strategic and ongoing IT support partner, HIOD IT implements and supports a broad range of technology to help the client enhance its services grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive sector. We are based in Melbourne and our IT support services professionals specialise in ​Managed IT services and other ​IT services in Melbourne​.

Upgrading Business IT Support and Its Challenges

Our client recently came across a situation where, due to their fast-growing business, it became a compulsory task for them to update and refresh their company’s infrastructure, including servers, storage, network and security appliances.

The major challenge that we faced was that the client didn’t have a suitable licence to automate the migration process, and for that, we had to find a workaround to achieve the task on hand.

HIOD IT’s Solution

Having experts in various ​managed IT services​ ​we found the workaround which was to use the Veeam migration tool to migrate all the servers to the new host manually.

We completed all the tasks successfully. The given tasks were to rebuild and refresh the company infrastructure during the low session period. The refreshments included:

  • Replacement of the old SAN storage with a new Dell SAN.
  • Update the network infrastructure and including a new distribution layer switch.
  • Upgrade the VMware ESXi operating system to the latest version.

Upgrading ​Business IT support ​services is important and beneficial for the overall growth of a business. However, It’s not necessary for each business to always upgrade their servers, networks or storage etc. There can be other services needed by a business such as small businesses may require ​cloud computing services​ ​- Google Apps For Business etc.

Do you feel like your business requires an upgrade or are you facing any problems with your IT support? HIOD IT is an IT support company that provides the following ​IT Support Services in Melbourne​: