What does 2020 hold for Cloud Computing?

As more application platforms go to the cloud, cloud computing in 2020 will see developments and new directions that will continue to solve key business challenges. We explain what the advantages of cloud computing are for your business here. Designed with the end-user in mind, the flexibility, convenience and simplicity of cloud computing services streamline business processes.

Microsoft, Google and Amazon are one of the major cloud providers today and, here at HIOD IT, our IT support company that operates in Melbourne, have experts who help businesses migrate to these industry cloud leaders’ reputable cloud solutions. In this post, we discuss how there are cloud computing predictions for 2020 that reveal how these cloud vendors, and others, are competing in this space and more business IT support services are improving, relevant to the cloud computing services space.

The rise in hybrid cloud services

The scale of cloud computing uses will become much larger and hybrid cloud services, in particular, are predicted to be increasingly important. Hybrid cloud services provide a model that allows businesses to access compute and storage resources on-demand without the upfront costs that a business would have with traditional products. As companies’ IT resources experience increasingly random and unpredictable workloads, there will be a scalability need for the capabilities that hybrid cloud computing provides. The cost-savings that companies will realise with hybrid cloud are set to increase demands for these cloud solutions too. Flexibility is another selling point of hybrid cloud services for enterprises that do not want to migrate their critical and sensitive data to the cloud.

The cloud in China

Public cloud companies in China like Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Enterprise Cloud are expected to see increased growth that exceeds that of the major cloud computing companies in the Chinese market. The increase in growth has been anticipated to be influenced by cyber threats and evolving business objectives and needs in the digital age. The increase in costs associated with managing and procuring more IT equipment and staff mean that managed IT services and those in the cloud are becoming more appealing. The developments that the Chinese public cloud companies make will influence how they continue to compete with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google in terms of innovation.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI)

Cloud-based AI brings exciting opportunities for organisations to take advantage of machine learning and increased capabilities. AI will improve efficiency as IT operations become smarter in how they interact with more people and systems. Productivity will improve and costs will lower with AI technology. Ways that cloud processing solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Google Apps could be transformed by AI include the use of chatbots and the smart collection and analysis of data help business leaders make better decisions in an efficient manner. For example, the self-learning systems will automate processes and information obtained will be visualised in the form of graphs and animations to help users, such as business decision-makers, gain useful and relevant insights. Administrative tasks, which tend to be time-consuming and tedious, are expected to be eliminated with the automation benefits that AI has.

The evolution of cloud-based services

Gartner predicts that there will be increased investments in Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) with a forecast year-over-year growth of 24%. This also relates to the growth in the public cloud market with new cloud solutions estimated to grow by 17% in 2020 according to Gartner. The investments made in cloud-based services help organisations with monitoring and scanning of IT systems, security, backup and recovery and are cheaper than investing in further infrastructure to meet business growth and needs.

As a solution to existing services, managed IT service providers are able to assess the benefits of converting to cloud computing services according to specific business needs and objectives. Any organisation can start using cloud-based options that meet their existing needs and scale as these needs grow. Cloud computing’s capability of supporting an entire organisation’s network and security infrastructures demonstrates its impact on IT services.

Overall, we will see exciting developments in the area of cloud computing in 2020 with the influence of evolving business objectives and needs. It will be interesting to see how managed IT services and other aspects of IT support will develop in the new decade. At HIOD IT, we are an IT support company in Melbourne with professionals who can assist your business with the cloud migration process if you choose to make the switch to the cloud. We put our clients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do. Contact our friendly IT support experts in Melbourne today to see how we can help you with solving your business IT support concerns.