Case Study – Firewall Upgrade

Client in the Ticket Distributor Industry

About Our Client

Our client is a large distributor of rail tickets and rail passes. They offer travellers a selection of rail products in dozens of countries. HIOD IT mainly manage and support their production servers and network infrastructures. Based in Melbourne, our IT support services professionals specialise in ​Managed IT services and other ​IT services in Melbourne​. Along with giving support to servers, we install and maintain this client’s technology to provide them the maximum level of security.

Problem and Solution For Old IT Hardware

They came to us with the problem of Firewall appliance, which is an important part of network infrastructure. They were utilising the old legacy firewall system, which only focused on the packet filtering method. A decade ago, Packet Filtering and ACL control were the best solutions in the market.

What is Next Gen Firewall?

But with business progressing it was important to install a NextGen Firewall (NGFW) because it is a network device that provides capabilities beyond the traditional, stateful firewall. The traditional firewall typically provides a stateful inspection of incoming and outgoing network traffic. On the other hand, a NextGen Firewall includes additional features such as application awareness and control, integrated intrusion prevention, and cloud-delivered threat intelligence. This firewall solution helps businesses in a better and more efficient way.

Challenges while replacing old IT Hardware

With each task comes a challenge and we crossed one too when the old firewalls weren’t labeled correctly or when there wasn’t a No Migration Tool to automate the task. However, the main challenge was the complexity of network infrastructure because the company had multiple storage and data VLANs and two DMZ networks for their in-house application server.


In the end, we successfully replaced the old firewall appliance with The NextGen Firewall – one solution providing data flow, data integrity, security, scanning and intrusion prevention. Web application Firewall was also a good decision because it cuts down the overall cost and provides high availability and security to the company infrastructure.

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