Case Study – IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Client in the Religious Services Industry

Problem Statement​

Our client’s IT infrastructure needed an upgrade and sought our IT hardware services. Based in Melbourne, our IT support services professionals specialise in ​Managed IT services and other ​IT services in Melbourne​. As the client’s IT infrastructure needed evolving, HIOD IT’s business IT support services professionals needed to implement technologies that would support the scale and security of our religious institution client.


Our IT support professionals were successful in upgrading our client’s infrastructure. A bunch of new technologies was implemented over the last year to improve the client’s IT scalability, security and manageability. The following solutions and technologies were introduced and implemented, helping the religious services client continue its operation in a smoother and more productive manner.

1. Introduced the concept of domain authentication
2. Provided a local central storage solution
3. Connected all the religious institution client’s locations around the country to one central management solution
4. Provided centralised Wi-Fi solution
5. Rebuilt the network infrastructure
6. Provided world-class security solution by implementing Sophos XG firewall
7. Provided a secure remote connection over encrypted channels
8. Provided cloud backup solution for DR and HA
9. Used the latest backup technology introduced by Veeam Backup Solution
10. Provided Level 1, 2 and 3 technical support to the end-user
11. Introduced VIOP technology


Our IT hardware and software procurement specialists at HIOD IT successfully implemented the latest IT technologies. This helped our religious institution client cut their overall costs significantly and provided high availability and security.

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