Case Study – Office 365 Migration

Client in the Religious Services Industry

Problem Statement

Our religious institution client had been using Gmail as its main communication and data sharing platform, but since it worked closely with volunteers to operate, it needed to share massive amounts of data. Hence, while using Gmail, they were finding difficulties in sharing the data efficiently. The client wanted to avoid the cost of extra storage that Google charged so the help of IT support services professionals at HIOD IT were sought. Based in Melbourne, our cloud computing services professionals specialise in ​cloud processing services and other ​IT services such as managed IT services​.


During this project, the following challenges were considered and encountered. Our cloud computing and IT support services professionals were experienced in Office 365 migration and handled the challenges of this project with ease.

  • Migrate existing emails and documents from Gmail to a cost-effective platform
  • Minimising downtime
  • Data security and availability
  • User education


Our business IT support professionals were successful in helping the client migrate its communication and data sharing platform to Office 365. The following solutions were implemented successfully:

  • Office 365 platform for emails
  • SharePoint Online for data storage and collaboration
  • Microsoft OneDrive for personal storage
  • Migrated all the emails from Gmail to Exchange Online without any downtime
  • Educated users to get familiar with the new environment
  • Created a robust file storage and collaboration SharePoint site
  • Document centre designed as per the needs of the religious services client with appropriate permission
  • Security of the critical information guaranteed with detailed access control

Final Outcome

Our cloud computing specialists at HIOD IT successfully migrated the religious organisation’s emails and data storage and collaboration tools to Microsoft tools. With the help of HIOD IT’s business IT support experts, the client is now using high-quality services like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams to effectively run the day-to-day operations of the religious organisation. With the email, storage and collaboration platforms coming from the same provider, the cost of these services have been reduced drastically for our client. Their employees are also now more productive with the robust Office 365 platform with the user education that HIOD IT’s Office 365 specialists provided.

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