IT support for nonprofits Melbourne

HIOD IT offer IT support for nonprofits in Melbourne class leading IT services at a cost effective price that price that is suitable to all nonprofits with any budget. HIOD IT understand that IT issues can occur at any time, that why we work with nonprofits organizations to create budget friendly IT solutions that work for them. Whether your nonprofit organization requires IT Support, email migration, server support or network optimization HIOD IT can help at any time.

Features of nonprofits IT Services

IT Support

Increasing reliance on technology requires reliable IT support for nonprofits to ensure services are delivered to the community. Our team at HIOD IT helpdesk ensure that all problems are resolved quickly and do not interfere with daily tasks.

Our IT support can be provided on-site or remotely and includes proactive as well as reactive solutions. Some of the common problems we help our customers with are, IT support, printing, emails, Office applications and desktop computing.

Email Migration

With the cloud now a cost effective solution for most nonprofits, HIOD IT can help manage and migrate your nonprofit organization to the cloud. Whether you are wanting to move to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Business, HIOD IT can plan your whole migration for your organization as well as support you staff through the transition.

Server Support

While many companies are moving to the cloud, maintaining local infrastructure is often still needed. HIOD IT will collaborate with you to ensure that the infrastructure of your company fulfills your needs.

As your managed IT service provider, part of our responsibility is to manage, maintain and support your servers, network and equipment proactively. This includes making sure that your IT infrastructure is not at risk from potential IT security threats.

Network Optimization

With our network optimization tools and qualified Network Administrators HIOD IT will ensure your nonprofit organization is always running at its best. From improving your internet speed and managing your network traffic HIOD IT can help manage and maintain your network operations.


HIOD IT understands that nonprofits are working with restricted budgets, that’s why HIOD IT take the time to understand each nonprofit organization to establish cost effective solutions that meet budget requirements. Contact us to see what we can do for your nonprofit organization.

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