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As you may or may not be aware a new virus attack is currently spreading all across the globe.
The attack in question is called "Goldeneye ransomware"
A security advisory released by Sydney-based cyber security firm Content Security says the virus is delivered via a phishing email with a .doc attachment, with one example having been seen as 'Order-20062017.doc'. The doc file uses a vulnerability in Microsoft Office and Wordpad to execute and begin a chain of exploitation. Once a machine is infected, it spreads within a network using the same exploit seen used by the WannaCry virus.
The Petya virus has spread rapidly across the globe using the same tools exploited by the recent WannaCry attacks.
The campaign of attacks began on Tuesday, taking out servers at Russia’s biggest oil company, disrupting operations at Ukranian banks and shutting down computers at multinational shipping and advertising firms.
HIOD IT recommends the following steps to be taken immediately:
1. Update your Antivirus software.
2. Update to the latest Windows Updates by running Windows Update on your computer.
3. Do NOT open emails from unknown users.
4. Do NOT open attachments from unknown users.
5. Do NOT open any emails an attachment called 'Order-20062017.doc'
If you are concerned about your IT, please contact HIOD IT on 1300 363 516 ASAP.
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You may already be aware. Over the weekend the world’s largest Cyber Attack took place.

Click HERE: ow.ly/2Jp730bIOQm for the latest developments.

Check out the following link posted by Microsoft as to what you can do to prevent this attack: ow.ly/WY5M30bIOUE

Remember your best defence is good offence.
1. Protect yourself with good quality Anti-Virus.
2. Keep your Anti-Virus database up to date.
3. Install the latest security patches released by your OS provider.
4. Maintain a vigil - look out for strange software, emails and URL's
5. Do NOT open emails from unknown sources
6. Install a good SPAM filter
7. Install good email security software
8. Maintain and scan schedule
9. Be aware, the internet is full of people wanting your data
10. Prevention, prevention, prevention

For more information contact HIOD IT on 1300 363 516.
If you wish to purchase Anti-Virus, please contact our sales team for a quote.
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The HIOD IT team is sharing some cake for Samson and Michael's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS! Our new intern Harpreet (his friends call him happy) is having a pretty great first week! ... See MoreSee Less

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