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AVG Antivirus



HIOD IT are proud to partner with AVG to bring our customers the best Antivirus solution’s that are cost effective, easy to configure and very powerful.

Your business data is vital for the daily operations that you and your staff perform everyday, so you need a Antivirus software that is going to keep your business protected from the outside world.

1 in 4 SMBs trust AVG to protect their business, now you can to. Ask us how.

We’re already protecting 187 million active users. Join them and be secure knowing we’ve got it taken care of so you can get on and just be yourself.

Get up to 50% off RRP for Schools, Colleges, Universities; up to 30% off for Local, State and Federal Government, Churches Charities and other not-for-profits. 

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HIOD IT Pty Ltd are a Authorized Reseller of AVG Antivirus ProductsAVG_AuthReseller_RGB

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